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 Aircraft Structures

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FAA Airframe Handbook Chapiter 1

Aviation Maintenance Technician Handbook (Volume 1) FAA airframe maintenance aviation technician ch01


Aviation Maintenance Technician Handbook (Volume 2)


A Brief History of Aircraft Structures

The history of aircraft structures underlies the history of aviation in general. Advances in materials and processes used to construct aircraft have led to their evolution from simple wood truss structures to the sleek Aircraft Structures aerodynamic flying machines of today. Combined with continuous powerplant development, the structures of “flying machines” have changed significantly.
The key discovery that “lift” could be created by passing air over the top of a curved surface set the development of fixed and rotary-wing aircraft in motion. George Cayley developed an efficient  Aircraft Structures cambered airfoil in the early 1800s, Aircraft Structures as well as successful manned gliders later in that century.

He established the principles of flight, including the existence of lift, weight, thrust, and drag. It was Cayley who first stacked wings and created  Aircraft Structures a tri-wing glider that flew a man in 1853.


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Aircraft Structures
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Aircraft Structures
Aircraft Structures FAA Airframe Handbook Aviation Maintenance Technician Handbook (Volume 1) Chapter 01: Aircraft Structures ( pages), Chapter 15: Ice and Rain Protection ( pages), Chapter 16: Cabin Environmental Control Systems ( pages), Chapter 17: Fire Protection Systems ( pages),
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