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Easa part 66 module 15 Gas Turbine Engine CH 7/25.

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Introduction to Accessory drives PDF.

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Accessory units offer the facility for craft hydraulic, gas and electrical systems additionally to providing varied pumps and management systems for economical engine operation. The high level of dependence upon these units needs an especially reliable drive system b1 Licensed Engineer.


The Jet Engine by Rolls Royce

Chapter 1/25 : Basic mechanics (page 1 to 10)
Chapter 2/25 : Working cycle and airflow (page 11 to 18)
Chapter 3/25 : Compressors (page 19 to 34)
Chapter 4/25 : Combustion chambers (page 35 to 44)
Chapter 5/25 : Turbines (page 45 to 58)
Chapter 6/25: Exhaust system (page 59 to 64)
Chapter 7/25 : Accessory drives (page 65 to 73)
Chapter 8/25 : Basic mechanics (page 73 to 85)
Chapter 9/25 : Lubrication (page 85 to 94)
Chapter 10/25 : Internal air system (page 95 to 120)
Chapter 11/25 : Fuel system (page 121 to 132)
Chapter 12/25 : Starting and ignition (page 133 to 146)
Chapter 13/25 : Ice protection (page 147 to 152)
Chapter 14/25 : Fire protection (page 153 to 158)
Chapter 15/25 : Thrust reversal (page 159 to 168)
Chapter 16/25 : Afterburning (page 169 to 180)
Chapter 17/25 : Water injection (page 181 to 186)
Chapter 18/25 : Vertical/short take-off and landing (page 187 to 198)
Chapter 19/25 : Noise suppression (page 199 to 206)
Chapter 20 & 21 /25 : Thrust distribution & Performance (page 207 to 214)
Chapter 22/25 : Manufacture (page 215 to 228)
Chapter 23/25 : Power Plant Installation (page 229 to 242)
Chapter 24/25 : Maintenance (page 243 to 262)
Chapter 25/25 : Overhaul (page 251 to 264)

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Module 15: Gas Turb...

Module 15: Gas Turbine Engine

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Accessory drives ( Chapter 7/25) PDF.

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Accessory drives Rolls Royce


B 1 Licensed Engineer

The drive for the accent units is often taken from a rotating engine shaft, via an enclosed shell, to Associate in Nursing external shell that provides a mount for the accessories and distributes the acceptable engaged drive to every accent unit. A starter may additionally be fitted to supply Associate in Nursing input torsion to the engine. an adjunct drive system on a high by-pass engine takes between four hundred and five hundred power unit from the engine b1 Licensed Engineer.


The placement of the inner shell at intervals the core of Associate in Nursing engine is set by the difficulties of transferal a rotating shaft radially outward and therefore the house obtainable within the engine core.
Thermal fatigue and a discount in engine performance, thanks to the radial rotating shaft heavy the gasflow, produce larger issues at intervals the rotary engine space than the mechanical device area. For any given engine, which contains Associate in Nursing axial-flow mechanical device, the rotary engine space is smaller than that containing the mechanical device and thus makes it b1 Licensed Engineer physically easier to mount the shell at intervals the mechanical device section b1 Licensed Engineer. Centrifugal mechanical device engines will have restricted obtainable house, that the internal shell is also settled at intervals a static o give or, within the case of a turbo-propeller engine, behind the propeller gearing as shown in fig. 7-1. 5. On multi-shaft engines, the selection of that mechanical device shaft is employed to drive the inner shell is primarily dependent upon the benefit of engine beginning b1 Licensed Engineer. this can be achieved by rotating the mechanical device shaft, sometimes via Associate in Nursing input torsion from the external shell (Part 11). In follow the air mass system is invariably turned so as to come up with Associate in Nursing flowing through the engine thus the|and also the} high pressure mechanical device shaft is therefore coupled to the inner shell. b1 Licensed Engineer.