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Easa part 66 module 15 Gas Turbine Engine CH 25/25.

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Introduction to Overhaul PDF.

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It is most vital that the value of maintaining associate engine in commission is taken into account at the look stage. All aspects of engine repair ability also are thought-about, each to scale back the need for overhaul or repair and to avoid, wherever doable, styles that build repairs tough to impact. Engine construction should enable the operator to complete the overhaul or repair work as quickly and cheaply as doable.


The Jet Engine by Rolls Royce

Chapter 1/25 : Basic mechanics (page 1 to 10)
Chapter 2/25 : Working cycle and airflow (page 11 to 18)
Chapter 3/25 : Compressors (page 19 to 34)
Chapter 4/25 : Combustion chambers (page 35 to 44)
Chapter 5/25 : Turbines (page 45 to 58)
Chapter 6/25: Exhaust system (page 59 to 64)
Chapter 7/25 : Accessory drives (page 65 to 73)
Chapter 8/25 : Basic mechanics (page 73 to 85)
Chapter 9/25 : Lubrication (page 85 to 94)
Chapter 10/25 : Internal air system (page 95 to 120)
Chapter 11/25 : Fuel system (page 121 to 132)
Chapter 12/25 : Starting and ignition (page 133 to 146)
Chapter 13/25 : Ice protection (page 147 to 152)
Chapter 14/25 : Fire protection (page 153 to 158)
Chapter 15/25 : Thrust reversal (page 159 to 168)
Chapter 16/25 : Afterburning (page 169 to 180)
Chapter 17/25 : Water injection (page 181 to 186)
Chapter 18/25 : Vertical/short take-off and landing (page 187 to 198)
Chapter 19/25 : Noise suppression (page 199 to 206)
Chapter 20 & 21 /25 : Thrust distribution & Performance (page 207 to 214)
Chapter 22/25 : Manufacture (page 215 to 228)
Chapter 23/25 : Power Plant Installation (page 229 to 242)
Chapter 24/25 : Maintenance (page 243 to 262)
Chapter 25/25 : Overhaul (page 251 to 264)

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Overhaul ( Chapter 25/25 ) PDF.

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Overhaul Rolls Royce the jet.


Aviation Electronics Technician

2. In service, the engine is inspected at routine periods supported manufacturers’ recommendations and united between the operator and therefore the relevant soundness authority. The engine is aloof from the craft once it fails, throughout these inspections, to satisfy the desired standards. this idea may be a style of ’on-condition’ observance, reference para. 9, however, irrespective of condition, some engines are removed once a stipulated range of engine flying hours are achieved, this idea is thought as time between overhauls (T.B.O.). Operators can typically take away engines so as to accumulate ’fleet stagger’ so preventing a scenario once associate unacceptable range of engines need removal at the identical amount of your time Aviation Electronics Technician.
3. The length of your time between overhauls varies significantly between totally different engine varieties, being established as a results of discussions between the operator, the soundness authority and therefore the manufacturer, once such issues because the total expertise gained with the actual engine series, the sort of operation, the employment, and typically atmospheric condition, are taken into consideration. In up the overhaul amount the soundness authority could take into thought the background Aviation Electronics Technician of the operator, his union facilities and therefore the expertise of his maintenance personnel.
4. once a replacement sort of engine enters service, sampling (i.e. engine removal, disassembly and inspection) could also be needed at a modest life. The sampling are going to be continuing till the life at that the engine ought to be overhauled is indicated by the condition of the sample engines or by its dependable record in commission. In some instances, the final word life obtained could also be 2, three, or perhaps fourfold the first amount allowable. the event of the T.B.O, from the introduction of associate engine into service, through many years of operation, is shown as associate example in fig, 25-1 Aviation Electronics Technician.
5. Among the most factors poignant the overhaul amount for associate engine is that the use to that it’s place in service. for instance, a military engine can typically have a far lower T.B.O. than its civil counterpart, as capability is that the operative criterion instead of political economy. because of the impact of fast temperature changes within the hot components of the engine, the foremost arduous treatment is that the frequent ever-changing of power output to that short-haul transports and attack aircraft are subjected Aviation Electronics Technician.

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Module 15: Gas Turbine Engine

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