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FAA Mechanic Exam Training

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FAA Mechanic Exam (Airframe) 

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FAA Mechanic Exam Training (Powerplant).

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FAA Mechanic Exam Training (General).

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 Aviation Maintenance Technician Handbook  Airframe

 How to get your airframe and powerplant license?

You must pass the following three test, (General, Airframe and Powerplant), there are multiple-choice type. The minimum passing score for all of them is 70 percent on each. the Powerplant and Airframe Aviation tests contain 100 questions for each one . The General test contains 60 questions. You are allowed 2 hours to complete each of the written test.

FAA Mechanic Exam

The FAA Powerplant Vol 1 rocket must provide all the fuel and oxygen for combustion
and does not depend on atmospheric air. A rocket carries its own oxidizer rather than using ambient air for combustion.

It discharges the gaseous byproducts of combustion through the exhaust nozzle at an extremely high velocity (action) and it is propelled in the other direction (reaction).

The propulsive force is obtained by the displacement of a working fluid (again, atmospheric air). This air is not FAA Powerplant Vol 1 necessarily the same air used within the engine. By displacing air in a direction opposite to that in which the aircraft is propelled, thrust can be developed. This is an application of FAA Powerplant Vol 1 Newton’s third law of motion. It states that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. So, as air is being displaced to the rear of the aircraft the aircraft is moved forward by this principle. One misinterpretation of this principle is air is pushing against the air behind the aircraft making it move FAA Powerplant Vol 1 forward. This is not true. Rockets in space have no air to push against, yet, they can produce thrust by using Newton’s third law. Atmospheric air is the principal fluid used for propulsion in every type of aircraft powerplant except the rocket, in which
the total combustion gases are accelerated and displaced.



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